what you do: 1 what we do: 1

1Upload Customer Information

Just load your customer name, phone and email address. We do the rest. Have a lot of customers to load? You can bulk upload them.

upload your customer info or customer list

2 Create a Review Request Template

Enter and save whatever message you want to send with your review request.

customized review request

3 Hit Customers Two Ways

Review requests are sent to their message app on their phone and to their email.

cellphone contact with customer

4 Trickle Requests

Requests are sent every couple of days until the customer takes action.

spread out requests and set total quantity

5 Monitor Satisfaction

A single click lets customers rate you. Ratings are returned in real time by customer name. Service problems can be corrected quickly.

customer table with status and rating

6 Divert Unhappy Customers

Unhappy customers are diverted to a thank you page so you can follow up and fix the problem before a review gets posted.

customer table with status and rating

7 Drive Review Postings

Customers are rarely willing to sign up on a web site just to leave a review. We detect if a customer is a Facebook member and let them know they are already signed in. We link them directly to the review page for your company. Not signed up for a review site, we let them know they can leave a review on BBB without signing up.

3rd party request web page

8 See Reviews at a Glance

Reviews from Google, Facebook and Yelp are collected and listed in a single view. A single click takes you to the review to leave a response.

3rd party reviews in one place

9Get New Reviews Emailed

When a new review is posted on Google, Yelp, or Facebook an email is sent to you. It contains the site, review, star rating and a link to the review page.

3rd party reviews in one place

10 Respond Rapidly to Reviews

Inside Edge responds to reviews for you. Each response is unique, custom tailored, and created by a real human. Responses are typically same day as the review.

3rd party reviews in one place

11 Sell Yourself When Responding

Each review response contains at least one of your key selling points. You sell yourself, while prospects read your review responses.

3rd party reviews in one place

12 Turn Bad Reviews into Good Ones

It is very hard for a business owner to respond to a bad review without a) writing many paragraphs, and b) blaming the customer. Neither of these helps sell your company. We write responses to bad reviews that are balanced, make you look good, and contain additional marketing material on your company.

3rd party reviews in one place